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Oregon?셲 Public Health Division promotes and encourages healthy behaviors for Oregonians to protect themselves against disease and potential injury.

Public Health collaborates with local health care providers and health departments, as well as various state and national government agencies to develop and maintain the tools needed for communities and individuals in Oregon to protect their health.

Our goals: To prevent disease, injury and disability,혻promote health혻and prepare for new health threats.

Browse these topics to get more information about public health policies, systems and environments that promote health and aid in the prevention and management of chronic disease.
Information about reportable and contagious diseases, infections and outbreaks. Some have been controlled with vaccinations and modern technology, while others are emerging or resistant to drug treatments.
Information for individuals and families who are impacted by inherited conditions or birth defects, and for policy makers and health care providers.
Intersecting infections: HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, and viral hepatitis are commonly spread by having unprotected sex or injecting drugs with equipment used by someone else.
Oregon injury and fatality data is used to identify prevention strategies, plan interventions and evaluate outcomes. Browse this list of plans, reports and factsheets.