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NOTE: The혻information spotlighted here represent some of혻혻the forms and publications혻available, but is not an inclusive list. Please use our "Search Public Health..." feature or contact to request a혻specific form or publication.

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A Safe Place for Newborns Brochure
Allergic Response (Epinephrine) Training Protocol
Ambulance Forms
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Beach Water Monitoring FAQs
Birth Control Methods Effectiveness Poster (pdf)
Blue-green Algae Alert - Dog Safety Poster (pdf)
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CAREAssist Forms and Applications
CAREAssist Formulary
CD Summary Newsletter
Certificate of Immunization Status Form (pdf)
Certificate of Need (CN) Forms
Chronic Disease Reports and Statewide Plans
Climate and Health Profile Report
Communicable Disease Annual Reports
County Data Book- Annual Vital Statistics Report?
Cover Your Cough Poster (pdf)
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Death with Dignity Act FAQs
Death with Dignity Annual Reports
Death with Dignity Forms
Disease Reporting: Posters for Health Care Providers, Laboratories, and Health Departments
Disease Reporting: Case Report Forms
Disease Reporting: Investigative Guidelines
Dog Safety Poster: Blue-green Algae Alert (pdf)
Down with Superbugs! - Antibiotic Resistance Presentation (pdf)
Drug Lab Contractor Clean up Forms
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Effectiveness of Birth Control Methods Poster (pdf)
EMS and Trauma Forms - All
EMS Finger Print Form
EMS Provider Licensure Licensure Renewal Guide
EMT Reciprocity Request Form - "Certification by Indorsement"
EMS Reportable Actions Forms
EPHT Tutorials and Training Materials
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Family Planning Update Newsletters혻혻
Food Handler Training Manual
Food Safety Factsheet for Restaurant Owners
Food Safety Training Manual
Food Service Forms, Rules and Guidelines
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Harmful Algae Bloom FAQs
HB 2348 Task Force Report: Modernizing Oregon's Public Health System (pdf)
Health Security, Preparedness and Response Newsletter
Healthcare Facility Forms, Applications and License Information
HIV Care and Treatment Brochure (pdf)
HIV Brochure Order Form
HIV Prevention Brochures
HIV Prevention Program Reports
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Immunization Law Handbook (pdf)
Immunization Record Request Forms
Immunization Requirements for School and Child Care
Immunization Training for Providers
Injury in Oregon, State Plans and Reports
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Forms
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Lab Test Kits and Test Request Forms
Lead Paint FAQs
Lead Poisoning and Children Factsheet
Living Well Program 101 Presentation (ppt)
Living Well with Chronic Conditions Workshop Brochure (pdf)
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Matters of Record Newsletter (for those who register death certificates)
Meals Made Easy Presentation - Diabetes Plate (ppt)
Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) Forms
Medical Marijuana Program FAQs
Mobile Food Unit Operation Guide (pdf)
Modernizing Oregon's Public Health System - HB 2348 Task Force Report (pdf)
Mold in your Home Factsheet
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Newborn Screening Practitioner's Manual (pdf)
No Smoking within 10 Feet Decal (pdf)
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Opiate Overdose (Naloxone) Training Protocol
Oregon Cancer Genomics Surveillance Presentation (pdf)
Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) Handbook
Oregon State Health Profile Report
Oregon's Healthy Future: A Plan for Empowering Communities (pdf)
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Pandemic Flu Plan (pdf)
Pharmacy Immunization Protocols
Pipeline: Drinking Water News for Water Systems
Planning for an Oregon School-Based Health Center - Presentation (ppt)
Pool Operator Training Manual (pdf)
Public Pools and Spa Forms and Applications
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Radiation Protection Bulletins and Newsletters
Radiation Protection Forms and Applications
"Rational Enquirer" Newsletter (Adolescent Sexuality)
Radon Brochure - Have You Tested Your Home? (pdf)
Renovation, Repair & Painting - Lead Paint FAQs
Reproductive Health Program Manual for Providers
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Safe Surrender for Newborns FAQs
Small Water System Operators Guide
Smokefree Workplace Law and Quit Line Brochures
Smokefree Workplace Law Posters and Signs
State Health Profile Report
Suicide: Breaking the Silence Video and Discussion Guide
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Tanning Devices Forms and Applications
The Rational Enquirer (Adolescent Sexuality)
Tobacco Prevention Reports, Laws and Facts
Trauma Registry Report
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Vaccine Management Guide (pdf)
Vital Record Order Forms (birth, death, marriage, domestic partnership, divorce)
Vital Records FAQs (birth and death certificates)
Vital Statistics Annual Reports
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Wash Your Hands Poster - Food Safety Story: 20 seconds could save a life (pdf)
Water Operator Certification
WIC Annual Reports
WIC Approved Foods - Shopper's Guide (multiple languages)
WIC Farm Direct Nutrtion Program Application and Agreement Form
WIC Link Newsletter (Oregon WIC Program)
WIC Program Brochures
WIC Staff Training Materials
WIC Vendor Training Materials
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X-ray Forms and Applications
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Youth Suicide Prevention Educational Materials