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ALERT Immunization System
Ambulance Service/Agency License
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Backflow/Cross Connection Certification
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CLIA Certification
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Drinking Water Operator Certification
Drug Lab Contractor Cleanup Certification
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EMS Licensing Verification
EMS Provider License Renewal
EMS Provider Licensure and Training
Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
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Facilities Planning and Safety
Food Handler Card
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Health Care Provider and Facility Applications and Forms
Health Screen Testing Permit
Hemodialysis Technician Application (pdf)
Home Health Agency License Application
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Laboratory Regulation
Lead-Based Paint Abatement Certificate
List of Lead-based Paint Certified Inspection and Abatement Individuals (pdf)
Licensed Drug Lab Cleanup Contractors List (pdf)
Licensed Drug Lab Contractor Process
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Mammography Inspection
Marriage License
Medical Marijuana Card Application
Microwave Repair
Mobile Food Unit License Application (pdf)
Mobile Unit License Application Rules and Guidelines
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Oregon State Cancer Registry (OSCaR)
ORELAP - Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
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Pool Plan Review Application(pdf)
Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Registry
Public Pool/Spa Licenses
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Radioactive Materials License
Recreation License for Park/Models/Camping/Cabins/Yurts (pdf)
RRP Rule: Renovation, Repair and Painting Licensing
Restaurant/Bed and Breakfast Food Service License Application (pdf)
Restaurant License Application Rules and Guidelines
Rules for Organizational Camps
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SERV-OR (State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon)
Smoke Shop and Cigar Bar Certification
SOA Registration
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Tanning Device Registration
Trauma Registry
Traveler's Accommodations: Hotels and Motels (pdf)
X-ray Machine Registration